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CLI Commands

Main Commands


Run your project in development mode.

commoners build

Build the project assets.

  • --outDir [path] - The output directory for the build (string)

Desktop Builds

  • --publish [condition] - Publish a release of your application to GitHub on the provided condition (string)
    • Note: While other providers are possible to use, they have not been tested with this command.
  • --sign - Enable code signing (--target desktop on Mac only). Will be automatically enabled with --publish

Service Selection

  • --no-services - Skip building services
  • --target services - Build only the services

commoners launch

Launch your built application.

  • --outDir [path] - The output directory of the build to launch (string)

commoners share

Share the application's services—or simply run them on their own.

  • --port - The port to use for the service gateway (number). Can also use the COMMONERS_SHARE_PORT environment variable.
  • --service [name] - For specific service(s) (string)

Shared Options

Many CLI commands for commoners share a similar options structure:

Target Platform (commoners / build / launch)

Specify the target platform for the command.

  • --target [target]
    • web - Default option
      • pwa - As a Progressive Web App (build only)
    • desktop - For your current desktop platform (boolean/ string)
      • electron - Build with Electron
      • tauri - Build with Tauri (TBD)
    • mobile - For the mobile platform corresponding to your build enviroment
      • ios - For iOS (ios only)
      • android - For Android

Service Selection (commoners / build / share)

  • --service [name] - Apply action to specific service(s) (string). Can be used multiple times.

Released under the MIT License.